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Stop getting in the way of your website. Let the experts at Page One Naples make it work at its peak! SEO is the way to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website. Our team will find your weaknesses, strengths and opportunities through our deep-dive SEO Audit. It’s conducted by real people here in Naples, not some nameless, pre-generated engine. At the end of it, you’ll have an optimized web presence – guaranteed. Improving your SEO means more traffic, which means more leads…more leads means more sales!


On Page SEO Tests Include:

Keyword Strategy

See monthly search volume, competition, top of page low and high range bids. Find out what it fiscally takes to get to the number one spot for your demographic and keywords. 


Alt Tags

Alt tags are a type of descriptor that allow the story teller to visually announce what they are bringing focus to. We will look to ensure they exist and are appropriate for your audience.


Flesch-Kincaid Score

Does the reading level of your site match your demographic? Are you using words that are too big for your audience? Maybe you are not speaking at a high enough level. 


404 Redirects

How many dead links exist on your site? Do these links redirect anywhere? Are they sending your visitors away from your purchase page instead of towards it? 


Metadata Analysis

Similar to alt tags, the metadata of your pages tells search engines what they contain. We will scan the contents of your pages and rank within acceptable parameters.



How connected are you? How many “votes” do you have from other reputable websites out there? Having backlinks is 1 of the 3 biggest ranking factors to Google’s Search algorithm.

noun_ssl certificate

Secure Socket Layer

Is your site delivered over HTTPS or HTTP? Is your traffic encrypted or not? Would you feel safe giving your information to a site that did not take security seriously?


Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

Is your site accelerated mobile page (amp) certified? With over 70% of website traffic coming from mobile, should it be? Are you losing out on dollars because of a few acronyms?

Hold Up, There’s More

It’s not just important to have a strong website working for you. We also provide these Off-Page SEO items as well.

noun_google store

Google My Business Listing

We will ensure that you have a listing that is accurate with at least five 5-star reviews. We will also test to make sure all contact methods are working correctly.

noun_Page Speed

Page Speed Test

We perform industry standard SSL, CDN, WAF, DDOS, AMP, and Lighthouse tests. After these tests, we will give you a review of how to improve your site’s performance.

noun_Competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Find out who is bidding on your keywords and who you are competing with for them. Learn how to gain the competitive advantage online along with the majority share hold.

noun_Online Presence

Online Presence Rating

See how and where you show up online and learn how to boost your brand. We will show you were you need to focus your efforts and where you can ease up.

"Page One Naples sets the bar for SEO companies in Florida" - Wink News




SEO Audit


Great for any business owner. Get a quick overview of where you stand amongst your competitors.

✔ ALT Tags
✔ 404 Redirects
✔ SSL Check
✔ AMP Check
✔ Google My Business
✔ Page Speed Test

❌ Flesch-Kincaid Score
❌ Metadata Analysis
❌ Online Presence Rating
❌ Keyword Strategy
❌ Competitor Analysis




RECOMMENDED  - Complete on and off-page SEO exam. This is as comprehensive as it gets. 

✔ ALT Tags
✔ 404 Redirects
✔ SSL Check
✔ AMP Check
✔ Google My Business
✔ Page Speed Test
✔ Flesch-Kincaid Score
✔ Metadata Analysis
✔ Online Presence Rating
✔ Backlinks
✔ Keyword Strategy
✔ Competitor Analysis



Ideal for online-only business owners. Understand where your customers are coming from and how to get more.

✔ ALT Tags
✔ 404 Redirects
✔ SSL Check
✔ AMP Check
✔ Google My Business
✔ Page Speed Test
✔ Flesch-Kincaid Score
✔ Metadata Analysis
✔ Online Presence Rating

❌ Backlinks
❌ Keyword Strategy
❌ Competitor Analysis


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